Realistic fake diploma designs fullly customized with your text.
Official US state seals and embossed gold emblems.
Hundreds of official international country emblems.
Fast design and priority shipping.
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Diploma and transcript packages only $150

See it BEFORE you buy it.  FREE online FAKE DIPLOMA PROOF.  Customize it yourself and see exactly how it will look BEFORE you spend a dime! 

Free Diploma Proof is the internet’s newest fake diploma company.  We offer something NO other fake diploma website offers – FREE PROOF to SEE IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT!

Whether you're interested in a fake high school diploma, fake college diploma or fake university degree, a novelty diploma is an excellent way to display your pride of accomplishment. And if you have not completed or education or even started it, relax we are here to help. People purchase fake degrees and fake diplomas for a multitude to reasons such as:

  • Wow your friends and family
  • Give as a gift to loved ones and friends or colleagues
  • Replace a missing original
  • Show off at a reunion (family, school or otherwise)
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Add to your social media profile
  • Increase your desire to obtain a real diploma or degree

Note our watermark is shown on the FREE fake diploma proof ONLY.  If you order a printed product, it will NOT contain a watermark on them displaying FREEDIPLOMAPROOF.COM.

You can also purchase a leather binder or portfolio to put the fake diploma in, so it looks authentic and remains protected from any damage or theft. These portfolios are a very nice way to keep your degree safe and secure, yet stored in a way that gives them a dignified, elegant look.

Relax, we offer secure shipping so no one has to know, but you. We will never disclose your information or sell it to an outside company. We have dozens of school designs to choose from.

We offer express delivery, confidential packaging and expert printing.

When purchasing a fake diploma, be sure that it looks as close to the original as possible: Double check to ensure that all emblems and logos are included. Your name, graduation date, school name, and the courses of study or major should also be a part of the document. You can get a fake diploma for high school or college. You can also get a realistic certificate for certain courses you've taken.

These look great framed and hanging on the wall in an office or in your home alongside trophies and other achievements.

Authentic fake diploma and fake diplomas | Free Diploma Proof offers fake high school diplomas, fake diploma degree and fake degrees. At Free Diploma Proof you can buy fake diploma certificates and fake diploma transcripts.

We offer the highest quality and professional looking fake diploma replicas are one of the most trusted sites on the web. Our phony diplomas are printed on the same paper type as authentic school diplomas with realistic seals and emblems.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do they have color on them, or are they just black and white?
Though many of the diplomas we produce are printed with black ink, we do use a full color printing process for a number of the documents as well
What size are your diplomas?
Diplomas for the most part come in three basic sizes, 10" x 8", 11" x 8.5" or 14" x 11". We offer all three of these sizes as well as have the capability to print customized sized diplomas for those schools that have unique measurements
How Do I Get A Free Fake Diploma Proof?
To make a free diploma proof, select a design from the list above -- click the "Create Diploma Now" button. Then, enter your name, the name of the school, graduation date and the other fields. Click "Preview" to see your free fake diploma proof.
Do they come with real seals?
To help make our novelty diplomas authentic looking as possible, and to protect the copy written seals of many schools, we have created our own special seals, specifically made to apply to each novelty document we sell. They vary from embossments to raised gold foil stamps (and not just some gold foil sticker or so called ‘gold ink’). Click the links to see two variations from our sample page as to what our seals look like DM008, DM001. Unlike some of the other sites, we provide all of our seals at no extra cost.
Can I pick any school I want my documents from?
Yes. We leave the creativity and all the responsibility up to the customer. We will print the information you want on your degree as long as you realize that these are novelty documents meant for entertainment purposes only and that they offer no real educational value. As well, you must me willing to take full responsibility for your creations. We will not sell documents to anyone wishing to misrepresent him or herself or their education for business, trade, profession or occupation reasons. If there is ever a reason we can not produce your order within our guidlines, you will be notified immediately with an explanation. At that time we will give you an option to make any changes to your order or have your order fully refunded.
What do your certificates and diplomas look like?
We have hired two graphic artists with over 35 years of combined experience to make these certificates and novelty diplomas look as authentic as we legally can. These fake diplomas are indistinguishable from actual diplomas in that we use the same paper and printing techniques used with real diplomas. Keep in mind that these documents may not look exactly like the actual degree or state certificate, but if you did not get one the traditional way, we are sure you will be pleased with our work. You be the judge, view our sample page and decide for yourself! We are sure you will agree these high quality novelty degrees are incredible looking!
I love the proof. How do I order a printed copy?
After you've got the design just right, simply click on the Place Order Button
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